A non-structural exterior layer for the façade of the building can do wonders. Yes, it is none other than the curtain walling system. There are different types of curtain walls present in England’s market, but we are focusing on the type, which is the most renowned one and helps the aesthetical promotion of big and tall buildings. This is about unitized curtain walling and its immense value in the entire United Kingdom. This installation is connected to the frame without any real-time support as the foundation. This wall can add charm, and security to the façade and will also lead to a better performance of the front of the building. This beautification of the building façade can make the business growth even more prominent by attracting more and more clients with the utmost professionalism.

Unitized Curtain Walling so popular in the UK

This system is comprised of large units which are constructed in the factories and eventually are quite quick to install. These walls are erected on the building site with the help of large cranes due to their heavyweight. All the assembling is while the manufacturing and this makes the entire installation process pretty easy. This kind of installation is beneficial for more than one storey building. If systems like stick system curtain walling are used for the big buildings, then the process of installation would be too complex and comprehensive. We can simply predict the time to assemble each part before installing walls for such a huge system. Therefore, only unitized curtain walling is meant for big buildings in the UK.

Our professionals for Unitized Curtain Walling Installation

We, Nationwide Curtain Wall holds a comprehensive experience in the domain of beautification of the façade of the commercial building, in fact, this is one of our core specialties. Our experts understand the importance of unitized curtain walling pretty well and believe in facilitating our customers with nothing less than the best in the same regard. We take care of the safe & sound, feasible, and on-time installation and always receive appreciation for our out-of-the-box efforts from the business owners. We are happy to serve you as well, connect with us on 0161-9148225 and let’s discuss your curtain wall requirements.

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