The significant increase in the number of high-rise building raises the demands for the concerned security and aesthetic installations. When someone talks about buildings- the first thing that comes to mind is the outlook of the façade. Similarly, while thinking about the façade, no one imagines it like a regular house front made of bricks and cement. Instead, a professional building façade is covered with an impressive curtain wall. Now the question is how people decide what kind of curtain wall does their building demands! To answer this query, we are providing certain facts about the Unitised curtain walling system in this blog. Also, we will be discussing some of the benefits of this type of curtain wall – So, read along.

For all those tall buildings owners that require more enclosed methods and speedy process of curtain wall installation prefer a unitised system. This type has all the parts already assembled at the factory and only completed component is brought to the site of construction. This single unit is difficult to transport to the construction site, but definitely, the whole becomes super easy. When our experts are asked by our clients for advice- We recommend our unitised curtain wall when there are a big building and demand to avoid individual installation for each floor. However, our manufacturers take care of manufacturing a directly proportionate size of the wall meant for the structural height of the building without any fail. Fire safety, sound transmission, and thermal efficiency are some of the extra features that top-notch quality unitised curtain wall system possesses.

Top benefits of the unitised curtain walling system

  • This kind of ready to install system requires less time to get installed and involves no cranes in most of the process.
  • There are lower labour requirements and the cost concerned with this segment of the installation.
  • This kind of curtain wall has high quality and efficiency as it is manufactured in a climate-controlled environment with a thorough glazing & fabrication processing.
  • The unitised curtain walling system is a predictable kind of installation because of the easy-going and steady process of manufacturing.
  • This installation is made as per the depth of the façade that leads to proper fixation and longevity.
  • Mini-crane and temporary hoist are required for the installation of unitised curtain walling and it does not involve the high scaffolding costs.

We at Nationwide Curtain Wall give special considerations for the alignment between the unitised panels as well as the balance between the slabs & structural features of the building. After all, this is the primary aspect of usability and longevity of the whole system.

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